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    27-inch PC screen: Our comparison of the 7 best of 2023

    27-inch monitors are now the norm in the world of computer screens. Their popularity is explained by their adaptability to various uses, whether for professional activities or entertainment. The performance of these screens continues to improve over the years.

    In this article, we offer you a comparison of six computer screens 27 inches, each excels in a particular area, in order to guide you towards the most relevant choice.

    It is important to know the evaluation criteria of a computer monitor before deciding whether to acquire it or not. The choice of a screen depends on several factors and the use you plan to make of it. We will address these criteria at the end of this article, through a specific guide. For now, check out our pick of six 27-inch PC monitor models that we think are the best on the market.

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    The best 27-inch monitor: Dell U2720Q

    The Dell U2720Q stands out for its excellent value for money in our selection. This 27-inch 4K monitor, with 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution and high brightness, offers a premium viewing experience.

    With a response time of 5 ms and a refresh rate of 60 Hz, this model has very thin borders, ideal for swiveling and tilting. It is adjustable in all directions, allowing easy tilting horizontally and vertically, as well as significant height adjustment. A detachable panel is particularly appreciated by professionals.

    27 inch PC monitor
    27 inch PC monitor

    On the connection side, it has 5 USB ports, including 2 USB-C, an HDMI port, a DisplayPort and a WHDP port. It should be mentioned that its backlight system is based on the technology LEDs.

    Installing this screen is simple and requires almost no special effort. However, some users note that having to disconnect all cables before rotating the screen is a negative point. Aside from the need to unplug and replug cables when switching to portrait mode, this product is near perfect.

    27-inch PC screen: Samsung Odyssey G7 C27G75TQSU, G75T Series, QLED monitor

    The curvature of this type of monitor ensures greater immersion in the image compared to a traditional screen. This 27-inch Samsung monitor offers an expanded color gamut and 4ms response time, ensuring a quality visual experience for the user.

    This compact screen features well-designed bezels to provide optimal tilt. In addition, the Samsung monitor incorporates an Eye Saver function that protects the eyes from adverse effects caused by screens, thus replacing blue light blocking glasses.

    It is an LED screen with an IPS panel suitable for the most demanding uses. In terms of connectivity, HDMI and USB ports are present.

    The only negative point noted about this screen concerns its aesthetic appearance. Admittedly, this is not the most attractive product on our list. Nevertheless, this monitor offers many services and does not take up much space, thus meeting the essential needs of a screen.

    27-inch PC screen Our affordable solution: HP EliteDisplay E273m 27″ Full HD IPS Black

    For those on a tight budget, this 27-inch monitor is an ideal choice. It offers a satisfactory resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and thanks to its LED backlighting, it ensures appreciable image quality.

    This monitor also has a maximum refresh rate of 60 Hz. In terms of connectivity, there are VGA and HDMI ports, but no USB. The price of this monitor is undoubtedly its major asset. It is offered at less than 150 euros, like AOC screens. This exclusive offer from Amazon makes computer monitors accessible to everyone.

    According to the opinions of some users, the location of all the buttons (on the back of the screen) is a disadvantage.

    However, considering the price, it must be admitted that this type of screen offers sufficient performance. For those who wish to acquire a quality screen without having a substantial budget, here is the perfect 27-inch model.

    27 inch gaming monitor

    The Good Value for Money: BenQ PD2705Q 27″ 2K QHD Monitor for Mac

    The 27-inch BenQ GL2760H monitor enjoys great popularity among consumers. Featuring LED backlighting and dynamic contrast, it provides excellent lighting quality.

    With a responsiveness of 2 ms GTG, it provides exceptional image fluidity, much appreciated by gamers. Its panel allows you to enjoy quality images thanks to its Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and HDR technology. This feature is ideal for viewing high-quality videos and images, also providing dynamic variation of image and shades for video game enthusiasts.

    This monitor is compatible with AMD’s FreeSync technology. Its connectivity is complete, including an HDMI DisplayPort, a USB hub and a VGA port.

    The only negative point noted by users of the BenQ GL2760H model concerns its fixed base, which does not allow the screen to be swiveled. This problem can be slightly alleviated by using a sit-stand gaming desk.

    In short, this model combines performance and sobriety with its sleek black design, thus deserving all our attention. In terms of competition, only Samsung screens could compete with its notoriety.

    27 inch PC monitor video work

    27 inch 4K PC screen: HP U27 27″ 4K UHD IPS screen

    In terms of visual performance, this 4K monitor offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and well adapted borders for an optimal inclination.

    Thanks to its rate of 60Hz refresh, it ensures a quality visual experience. Its IPS panel, its sober design and its unrestrictive shapes make it particularly suitable for gaming, THE video sessions and the office work.

    This screen model is appreciated for its quality and receives many positive reviews from consumers. It should be remembered that the manufacturer has equipped it with standard connectivity, including a DisplayPort hub, a USB port, a VGA port and an HDMI port.

    For this 27-inch model, improvements could be made in terms of latency and navigation within the OSD. Nevertheless, the monitor already offers quality services at very competitive prices.

    27 inch 144hz pc screen: Iiyama G-Master GB2788HSB2

    The design of this 27-inch monitor would hit the markeye of anyone with its fairly well-defined curves and its very pure and very clear black.

    the resolution 1920×1080 pixel Full HD allows the iiyama to offer a fairly good image quality and considerable contrasts. With its IPS panel and its correct refresh rate, it adapts very well to gaming or watching video content. Besides, it is also compatible with AMD Freesync /

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    Equipped with standard connectors (usb, vga, hdmi) this iiyama master monitor has nothing to envy to a gamer screen. Finally, it is equipped with the amd freesync system which allows it to be efficient in all formats.

    Users are massively critical of the price, which they believe is beyond the reach of small budgets. Apart from some details that could be improved, this model offers itself well to gamers and especially to those who love quality designs.

    If you’re more Apple…Apple iMac 27 Retina 5k, the most high-end 27-inch

    It is true that the iMac is not just a screen, but a complete computer. Nevertheless, it is essential to mention the iMac, increasingly appreciated by various categories of users, ranging from designers and graphic artists to gamers and service industry professionals.

    The power and performance embodied are in this model. Apple’s 27-inch iMac 27 Retina 5K display is a dream for electronics enthusiasts top of the line. Not 4K, but 5K with a resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels, this screen displays more than a billion colors thanks to its LED backlight.

    Ecran de PC 27 pouces
    apple studio display nanotextured glass / apple studio display standard glass

    It also has a 500 nit luminance and a vertical scanning frequency of 60 Hz. Its response time is only 2 ms thanks to the integral IPS panel, something to delight gamers. Its rich connectivity includes a 3.5mm headphone jack, an SDXC (UHS-II) card reader, four USB-A ports, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, HDMI WQHD DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 2 port, DVI and VGA port. Its black design, both sober and elegant, also adapts well to a professional office than a personal workspace. Just like its competitor from the Asus brand, this screen is truly top of the line.

    According to some users, the high price and the connectors located at the back of the screen are the only weaknesses of this model. It is worth pointing out that this quality monitor is one of the few technological gems quickly available in stock. For those who can afford such a screen, do not hesitate to acquire it. On Amazon or other platforms, enjoy the benefits of purchasing.

    The 27-inch screen is versatile with its hybrid form. So, you have to think about the use that will be made before choosing, already think about the material that will surround it, whether it is your sit-stand desk, your ergonomic office chair, cheap gaming chair, or your lap seat.

    So what should you look for when choosing your screen? Here is a small unpretentious list to give you an overview of the points to watch? In 2023 it is normal to expect usb ports, an hdmi port and a HD screen resolution. However, these are not the only parameters to look at.

    • Brightness: it is on this that the rendering of colors and contrasts will depend, but also the rendering of images from different points of view.
    • Refresh rate: the difference will be mainly at the level of the slab. There are TN panels and IPS panels, when the first manages contrasts and colors better, the second brings real fluidity to the images on the screen
    • Response time: It is not very important for office use, and will be almost invisible. yet this is a major factor in gaming. Indeed, video games require a minimum reaction time, so the technology of the machine must follow.
    • Connectors: some monitors do not have a usb connection, this will prevent you from connecting your playstation or xbox, for example. More broadly, even if there are often basic HDMI ports, often the displayport. But it is important to check that you can easily connect all your peripherals.

    What resolution?

    Between 4K, Full HD or Ultra HD, it is easy to no longer understand the resolutions that are offered on computer screens. It exists a wide variety of resolutions which will allow you to have ever sharper images and ever deeper contrasts.

    Besides, HDR is a new technology sometimes included in these screens and which allows to have a better intensity of contrasts with an equivalent number of pixels.


    Quelle taille d’écran pour de la bureautique ?

    27 pouces est la taille d’écran idéale pour faire de la bureautique. une dalle de cette taille vous permettra de ne pas avoir à bouger la tête pendant que vous utilisez l’écran. Vous devrez ainsi le régler en hauteur ou le fixer avec l’un des meilleurs support d’écran pc.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eQue vous soyez gamer ou particulier, vous pourrez apprécier une grande qualité d’images et de couleurs en étant à environ 70 cm de votre écran. C’est ce qui est recommandé, mais n’est pas recommandé avec l’un des écrans pc 32 pouces.u003cbru003eD’ailleurs il existe toute sorte d’écran 27 pouces, HDMI, incurvé ou ultra HD vous trouverez surement le produit qui correspond à votre u003ca href=u0022https://www.nanikaa.fr/les-differentes-marques-et-modeles-de-voitures-electriques-disponibles-sur-le-marche-actuellement/u0022 data-type=u0022postu0022 data-id=u00222866u0022u003eutilisationu003c/au003e.

    27 pouces, optimal pour le gaming ?

    On est désormais presque sûr que la configuration optimale d’écran gamer est bien un multi-écran 27 pouces. Que l’écran principal soit incurvé ou non, il doit faire 27 pouces. C’est cette taille qui permet d’avoir le maximum de détails en étant à la distance optimale de son écran (environs 70cm) et une position parfaitement ergonomique.u003cbru003eDans tous les cas il convient seulement de vous assurer de la connectique, vous pouvez d’ailleurs retrouver la selection des meilleurs écrans hdmi.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eLe plus important, c’est d’avoir un écran qui correspond à vos habitudes et a votre façon de jouer ! Alors n’hésitez pas à partir sur une dimension avec laquelle vous êtes à l’aise. C’est pour ça que la plupart des gamers commandes en ligne ou sur Amazon : ils savent déjà quelle taille d’écran leur correspond parfaitement !

    Quelles sont les meilleures marques ?

    Comme nous l ‘évoquions en introduction, Samsung a réussi à avoir une place de choix sur le marché de l’écran d’ordinateur et particulièrement des 27 pouces, ils ont aussi été précurseurs sur les écrans pc incurvés autant que les écrans pc 4K. u003cbru003eu003cbru003ePourtant de nombreuses marques proposent des produits de grande qualités;u003cbru003eIl y a certaines grand publiques, on peut citer Asus, Acer, qui mettent à disposition du grand publique les dernières technologies comme la hdmi, hdr, les écrans LED, freesync, g-sync ou les displayport.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eD’autres spécialisées comme AOC, IIyama ou MSI vont se spécialiser sur les gamers et jeux vidéos en général. En effet ces marques plutôt confidentielles sont devenues très connues avec l’essor du gaming et proposent parmi les meilleurs écrans pc.

    The most important thing is that you have an image rendering that suits you, with contrasts and a luminosity worthy of our time. Today the best technology is accessible to everyone. You are therefore entitled to expect the best and that is what we offer you here.

    Computers offer a host of services to human beings around the world. The maintenance and good quality of this device must be very important in the daily life of man. The screen of a computer is a very important part for the device and its owner. The screen or monitor of a pc, depending on its quality, can tether the user to their device or take them significantly away from it. This screen, which represents a bridge between the computer map and the eyes of man, cuts down a amazing work, hence the importance of its quality. It is therefore necessary to make a point of honor to choose the ideal monitor for his desktop or laptop computer.

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