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    Illuminate your interior with Flos Luminaire design

    Flos Luminaire design is your ally to create illuminated and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Whether for your living room, bedroom, office or any other space, Flos offers lighting solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality.

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    The suspensions: the flagship asset of Flos

    Pendant lamps are a central element of the Flos collection. Whether you are looking for a designer pendant lamp, a majestic chandelier or a more discreet hanging lamp, you will find what you are looking for among the many models on offer. These pendant lights, available in various materials such as brass, chrome, black metal or even blown glass, are designed to create a warm atmosphere and enhance your interior decoration.

    flos ceiling light

    Flos ceiling lights: minimalism and elegance

    Appreciated for their sleek and sophisticated design, Flos ceiling lights fit perfectly into all interior styles, whether contemporary, industrial or Scandinavian. These LED lights offer optimal brightness while being energy efficient, often with a dimmer to adapt the atmosphere to your desires.

    Floor lamps and table lamps: the touch of Flos style

    Ideal for lighting up a reading corner, creating a soft atmosphere in a living room or serving as a nightlight in a child’s room, Flos table lamps and floor lamps are distinguished by their varied design, ranging from the most minimalist to the most original. Customizable with different patterns and materials, these lamps bring a touch of style to your interior while diffusing a pleasant light.

    Flos Luminaire design: collaboration with major designers

    Flos Luminaire design works with many renowned designers in the field of lighting. It is therefore an alliance between the creativity of the designers and the technical expertise of the brand that gives birth to these unique luminaires. Other prestigious brands such as Mantra, Ideal Lux or Murano are also present in the Flos showroom, further expanding your choice.


    Flos luminaires: quality and optimum lighting performance

    By opting for Flos Luminaire design, you are choosing quality luminaires with optimal lighting performance. The LED bulbs used offer superior longevity and reduced energy consumption compared to traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs. In addition, Flos luminaires are designed to blend harmoniously into your interior, whether classic, contemporary, industrial, baroque or Scandinavian.

    Flos Design lighting: a varied choice for all spaces

    Flos Luminaire design offers a wide selection of designer lights and lamps for all styles and all rooms in your interior. Whether you are looking for a pendant lamp for your dining room, a floor lamp for your living room, a bedside lamp for your bedroom or an outdoor light for your garden, Flos has the solution to create a bright and warm atmosphere. So don’t hesitate any longer, discover the Flos collection and let yourself be seduced by these exceptional lighting fixtures.

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    Lighting options for all tastes

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    From ceiling to chandelier: Flos gives you the choice

    At Flos, the LED ceiling light is distinguished by its contemporary style, its shiny nickel and its ability to diffuse an optimal light source. Equally remarkable, the designer chandelier, with a bronze pendant light, offers an alternative for those who prefer more traditional details. Its LED bulbs provide perfect light intensity to highlight every detail of your interior decoration. Designer chandeliers, whether transparent, golden, rustic or baroque, are a statement of style in their own right, designed to enhance your spaces.

    Wall lights and spotlights: illuminate your walls

    Flos also offers a variety of wall lights and LED spotlights, perfect for creating more direct lighting. The wall light, in chromed metal or natural wood, offers a decorative touch while being a functional light source. Whether for the loft or the living room, the LED lighting of the spots is adjustable and orientable, allowing customization of the lighting atmosphere of any room.

    The table lamp: a decorative and functional element

    The table lamp, with its white metal lampshade or bronze base, is another versatile option offered by Flos. Whether used as a desk lamp, table lamp or simply as a decorative lamp on a coffee table, it provides warm light, ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere. Flos table lamps are available in different styles, from Italian design to industrial design and Scandinavian style.

    The floor lamp: floor lighting for a warm atmosphere

    Flos offers a selection of designer floor lamps, from the most original to the most contemporary. These floor lamps, in gray or nickel metal, with their LED light source, bring a warm atmosphere to every room. The floor lamp is also an option, with its stable tripod base and general lighting that can be adjusted with a switch to achieve the desired light intensity.

    Flos designer lights: a fusion of style and technology

    With designer lights from Flos, every detail counts. From energy-saving LED bulbs to chandeliers with tassels, to ceiling lamps with E27 socket, each element is carefully selected to provide you with an optimal lighting experience. Flos LED luminaires are available in several colors and models, from chandelier lamps to lanterns, to match your needs and your style.

    Flos: lights for all styles of decoration

    Modern lights for a contemporary interior

    At Flos, you can find contemporary lighting for every room in the house, whether it’s table lamps, designer pendant lights in transparent glass, desk lamps in chromed metal, or wall lights in white metal. . These modern luminaires, combined with a contemporary design, create a pleasant and bright atmosphere in your interior.

    Flos outdoor lights: light up your open spaces

    With Flos outdoor lights you can illuminate your garden, patio or driveway efficiently and aesthetically. From LED floodlights to stainless steel floor lamps to hanging lanterns, each outdoor fixture is designed to withstand the elements while providing quality light.

    Flos and the original design

    Flos is renowned for its ability to fuse modern LED technology with original design. Whether you prefer industrial designs, like a matte black metal desk lamp, or more delicate designs like a baroque-style chandelier with tassels, Flos has something for you. So don’t hesitate any longer and come and discover the luminous world of Flos, where original design meets unparalleled lighting quality.

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